Welcome to Mindsetoftheo!

As you might be new to my website and the project Mindsetoftheo I’m gonna answer the most common questions right away:

Who is Theo? – Have a look at the qualification section to get to know me a little bit better. No worries, I am a friendly guy who is open minded and always happy to make new contacts.

What is Mindsetoftheo all about? – check out my instagram or YouTube to get an idea. Videos and pictures say more than thousand words. But…

In short: I am a mover by heart. I practice and teach various arts of movement. I focus on moving with your own bodyweight. That means I do things like calisthenics, breakdance, yoga, capoeira etc… I like to get philosophical and enjoy the mental aspects of yoga. My musical/art passion is playing handpan and practicing contact juggling. To sum it up you could say I am a generalist who became quite good on a variety of different topics.
You think that’s pretty cool? Well, I teach what I learned in the last decade!

You are looking for a teacher in mental and/or physical aspects? – Feel free to get in touch with me by using the contact formula. I´ll get back to you as soon as possible. No worries, you can simply ask some questions and we have a chat. As I said, I am happy to meet new people.

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