Mindsetoftheo – my website is online!

Hello community and thanks for having a look at my website - Mindsetoftheo!
If you are new to "mindsetoftheo", I´ll explain shortly what this project is about:

I am a movement practitioner and teacher from Germany. My goal is to inspire you to create a mindset that helps you to live your life the way YOU want to live it. Therefore I focus on the wholistic approach of body-and-mind control. I've been practicing different types of movement such as parkour, breakdance, capoeira, hand balancing, yoga, bouldering, Acro Yoga, cliff diving and many more...

I created this website in order to provide you more information as a source for inspiration and take a step back from social media such as instagram and co...
I will still be active on those platforms, but I want to give you filtered information and inspiration that does not get lost in a wave of impressions, posts and dopamine kicks. As I am a yoga teacher my duty is to provide services. When I teach a class I'm not selling a product, I offer a service, helping you to have a nice experience and learning about yourself. This is the overall goal. To focus on quality I decided to provide detailed information and filtered knowledge on this website.

On my website you will find all information to upcoming workshops and retreats. You can have a look at my cooperations with "Soweflow..." and "Octomoves".

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You can do me a favour by leaving a comment/ranking of my work in the review section. If you have ever participated at any of my classes or retreats, simply give a short feedback or tell the community what you ever wanted to tell them about my person/project.
Thanks a lot!


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