Why do I not jump the rope? Instead of jumping over the rope I search for complex patterns that are possible while flowing with the rope. There are hundreds or maybe even thousands of ways how to swing the rope next to your body. The benefits are not easy to find at first gaze. But the patterns are super complex and train both sides of your brain to work together. You learn to move your body as one system. The rope connects both hands which makes it impossible to cheat. If you make a mistake, the rope will hang on to some part of your body. You open up the shoulders by having a lot of movements behind your back and over your head. The rope is heavier than a normal skipping rope which leads to a serious workout. My rope is a special rope by „Octomoves“. My dear friend Rokas, owner of Octomoves sells those ropes online. If you click this link right here and use code MINDSETOFTHEO10 you will get a 10% discount on your order and I get a financial support as well.